Longest lunch

Over the weekend I went to visit Becca in Phanom Sarakham.  On Friday Becca and   Beer(pronounced Bea)picked me up from the bus station and took me to a Phad Thai stand for dinner.  Beer doesn’t speak much English but we still managed to get the introductions in and communicate through dinner.  Next Beer bought us Rotti’s and Ice Cream and took us to the store so that we could get a few things before she dropped us off at Becca’s.

On Saturday Beer came to pick us up from Becca’s to meet her sister, Ice, for lunch.  After lunch Beer put us in the car and we eventually figured out we were going to a floating market.  While at the floating market Beer came up to us and started talking about big boats and small boats, Becca and I thought she was trying to explain something for a few minutes before I realized she was asking which one we wanted to get on.  We choose the small one.  Soon the four of us were boarded on our own private boat and off on a water tour.

We made three stops on our tour.  The first was to see a statue of a Thai war hero.  The second was to a Gold temple were we got to put pieces of gold leaf around the inside of the temple.  The last stop was a bat Temple.  There were thousands of bats just hanging out in the tree’s above us as we walked.  There was also a memorial showing were the Thai’s had been able to hold off outside invasion from Cambodia.

After the boat Beer and Ice wanted to eat again so Becca and I walked around the market looking at different things.  When we got back Beer had  bought a picture of us on the boat for both Becca and I. Next  Beer’s friend picked us up and brought us to a giant temple with the most intricate floor and ceiling I had ever seen.   After all of that we had a giant dinner that never seemed to end and Beer just kept piling food on our plates.

Around 9 pm Beer dropped us off at Becca’s.  It was a great day but we had left at 11am assuming we would be back around 1pm at the latest.  When we got home we did laundry and tried to hang the clothes out but the plastic contraption to hang the laundry on broke leaving us to ghetto rig it back together.  While all this was happening we had been drinking so we naturally decided that it was a great time to try to ride on Becca’s two seater bike that was missing a peg.  I give mad prop’s to Becca because we didn’t fall over or crash into anything.


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