Koh Phangan


For the first half of Febuary break I went to Koh Phangan with one of my co-workers, Bri.  Koh phangan is a beautiful island on the gulf side of southern Thailand   The island is mostly undeveloped so the roads are very twisty and hilly to drive around.

We spent one day driving around and seeing view points, wild elephants and less known beaches.  It was a crazy fun day and we saw some truly amazing things.DSCN2231

The jungle party was  in the middle of nowhere in the jungle and had lots of techno music going on.  Not my favorite type of music, however drinking in the middle of the jungle where there are only a few stands selling beer was  a pretty cool experience  . The rest of the time on Koh Phangan was dedicated to going some of the most famous parties in the world.  We went to a party in the jungle, a private party in the cliffs above the ocean and to the full moon party.

DSCN2347Next came the Full moon party.  For this party everyone pants themselves with glow in the dark paint so they can be seen in the black lights, then everyone heads out of the beach for fire shows, and other activities until dawn or later.  This is one of the worlds biggest parties and let me tell you, it was crazy crowded.


Since full moon was so crowded we grabbed our buckets of redbull and vodka and got on a long tail boat headed towards a more local party destination   We enjoyed being on the cliffs dancing the night away and then catching a long tail boat back in time to see the end of the full moon party.




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