Chiang Mai-day 1

I arrived in Chiang Mai this morning, right off of a 10 hour night bus.  I took my first motorcycle taxi to the hostel and tried hard to balance with my jumbo size backpack.  I’m not sure how my driver was so sure we would make it safely but somehow we did.   I came to my hostel to find that my room was a mess complete with dirty sheets, bags of trash and no lockers.  After a frustrating amount of time debating what to do and trying to track down other accommodations, I finally decided to head out for the day.

Chiang Mai is super easy to get around and totally walkable so I spent the day following a walking tour of the city from my guide book.  It is nice to be away from the craziness of Bangkok but I do miss the company of Joy setting everyone up from her hostel to go sightseeing together.

Chiang Mai is absolutely beautiful and the temples with the mountains in the background make for amazing pictures.  I came across a massage place and was able to get a half hour massage for about $2 which was super awesome.  I also signed up for a vegetarian cooking course tomorrow, which I am quite excited about!

I returned to my hostel to find that my room had been cleaned and everything seemed safe and untouched.  I think I arrived before they had time to clean this morning, which is a great relief.


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