Chiang Mai continued

After the disaster with the first hostel, I was able to contact the french girls(Maud, Emily, and Lucy) that I had met in Bangkok.  They told me where they were staying and to come by and crash their room anytime.  I quickly went over and waited for them to come back.    While I was waiting I met 2 boys from South Africa who asked me to join them for a drink.  While we were drinking the french girls came and found me and we instantly had a large group of friends for the next couple of days in Chiang Mai.

The next day I took a vegetarian cooking class where I learned to cook 9 different Thai dishes and sampled them all.  I cooked with a very nice couple from New Zealand who didn’t like spicy food which made cooking with them very entertaining.  I still made my food good and spicy.  After I got home from my cooking class I found the french Maud, Emily and Lucy so we hung out and drank some beers.

The next morning the girls wanted to hang by the pool for the morning and then get massages and walk around town.  It was a very relaxing day.  In the evening I went to go meet up with a fellow couchsurfer, Laura.  Laura was super nice and took me to a local bar.  She invited me to go with her to Yoga the next day.

The next day I went to yoga.  Having only done yoga once before in my life I had no idea what to expect but I certainly wasn’t prepared for what I got.  3 grueling hours of highly active yoga in a non-aircon/no fan hut.  We weren’t allowed to drink water because it would disrupt the practice.  It was a really cool experience but one I will probably never re-do.

The next day I was seriously hurting but I figured I should go do something so I went to Doi Suthep, which is a temple high in the hills looking over the city.   I must say that while the temple was pretty, looking down on the city was not so much.  You could barely make anything out through all of the smog, gross.  That night I went out to a bar with one of the South African kids.  He wanted to teach me to drive a moterbike that night but I had to turn it down since I had been drinking.

My last and final day in Chiang Mai was a very chill day, just went and got a phone,and a new backpack.  My last real day of my vaction. That night I took an overnight bus down to Pattaya that night.

The bus was stopped by the cops and I was a little wiery of the bus but it all worked out fine.


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