Koh Phi Phi

The second half of my march break was spent on Koh Phi Phi.  This is a beautiful little island off of the coast of Krabi and Phucket.

Phi phi is by far by favorite place in Thailand.  Most of the island is so undeveloped that there aren’t roads so there are very few motorbikes and almost no cars on the island.  If you want to leave the main port and go to a different you either have to go by water or hike 2+ hours.

We stayed in the main port town and went to a fire show our first night.  The next morning we hired a long tail boat to take us to Maya Bay, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. Maya bay is absolutely stunning and didn’t have nearly as many tourists as I had expected.  The water is a clean turquoise and the bay is surrounded by amazing rock formations.  There is just enough of a wave in the bay to slowly rock you as you float in the water.

The bay is amazing but the jungle surrounding the bay is just as cool.  We went on a walk a bit through the jungle and reached a bunch of rocks with a ladder into the water.   Bri went down it but she was afraid the waves we crashing too hard and would throw her into the rocks.

The next day we rented a Kayak for four hours and paddled to some beaches.  First we went to monkey beach, where there is a coloney of monkeys living on the beach.  They are very cute, however we didn’t want to stay long and risk getting bitten by a monkey.

Next we paddled to the closest beach.  We arived there to only see 5 other people on the beach.  The sand was a fine white that felt like powder on your feet.  The water here was even clearer then in Maya bay.  We could to the bottom as soon as we rounded into the bay.

For our last beach of the day we went farther out to an even larger beach only two people on it.  The sand here was much courser then the last beach, however the water was just as clean.

After we returned the Kayak, Bri went to go take a nap and I went to hike up to the top of the viewpoint, where you can see the odd shape of the island.  It is as if there are two small islands connected by a thin strip of land and beach.   I accidently took the motorbike path(I think I saw 3 motorbikes the entire hour and a half I was hiking) and wound up on a much longer but more scenic route to the view point.

I hiked down the regular trial in about 15 mins and went back to town to meet Bri for dinner.


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