Loi Krathong


Looks of amazement and near tears of joy were shown as our faces were lit by the fire inches above our heads.

The sky was filled with floating fire lanterns floating up into outer space. Homemade

floating flower candles floated across the lake and we sat with a group of Thais in aw of the whole event.

Loi Krathong is the Thai celebration to thank the gods for all of the water that the country has received in the past rainy season.  It is typically the mark of the official closing of raining season and entrance into the cool season.

This particular year Loi Krathong fell on a particularly rainy day.  The kids at school raced to do their parade and make their Krathongs to send across the pool before the rain started.  After all of the children had finished their school celebrations they went home and us teachers were left to fend for our selfs in the torrential rain.


Since we were stuck at school due to the rain the office staff brought the Krathong stuff to the covering outside of the nursery and showed Bri and I how to make proper Krathongs.

It is quite a simple process that involves covering the palm of a coconut tree with leaves, fastening them with nails and then making loops with the leaves around the outside.  Then you just put your candle and flower in the center and you have a Krathong.

After the rain finally let up we dashed home for some dinner and then pre-drinks at Lissets.    While we were at Lissets everyone decided to bail on going out to celebrate so Bri, Carly and I forged on with the nights.

We went driving past the crowds at the main part of the lake and found a small bar and lantern stand.  There were about 10 Thais hanging out drinking and setting off Krathongs and Lanterns.

Before you set your Krathong off into the water you must first apologize to the water gods

for creating pollution in the water.  The Thai women around the area were more then happy to help us learn to say these prayers properly and help us to understand the proper ritual for sending them off.

Next it was time to send the lanterns out.  Everyone was very helpful in helping us to set them up, light them and set them free.  The absolute beauty and tradition that is held in this one event is something that can’t be described.


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