Learning more by the day

Starting tomorrow I have to find my own way to work, so today I learned to ride a motorbike.  I went to the shop to negotiate a monthly price.  The lady gave me a very fair deal and included a brand new helmet.

From the shop I got on the bike and nearly crashed by pushing the gas too hard.  I spent an hour riding up and down the street.  I got chased by a dog and had to gain my confidence to go fast before he bit my foot.

After I had eaten some lunch I got back on the bike and decided that I would try to go to town.  I had only been riding on little back roads without cars and such.  I was a little scared to be riding with all of the people and cars around me but I knew I had to learn sometime and tomorrow I have to get on the highway for work.

Overall I don’t think I did a bad job.  I crossed the road a few times, did a round about and hit some traffic lights.  The more and more I practice the easier it gets and I love the feeling of knowing that I can easily move throughout the city now without have to walk and rely on the public buses or the school to get around.


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