Home Remedies

Who knew that garlic was a natural antibiotic? I did not certainly not me but after my arm getting infected from my bike accident I googled for a home remedy.  I came across the idea of eating raw garlic since it is a natural antibiotic.  After eating raw on toast, I am not sold on garlic antibiotic.  The infection on my arm started to clear within 20 minutes and by the time that I woke up, it was totally gone.  So I put myself on a 6 day garlic antibiotic regiment to make sure there is no infection from my fall and so far everything is going well.

I also read up on another home remedy which said that sugar made wounds heal faster.  So I mixed an antibiotic cream with some sugar and I am literally watching my body repair itself.  My scabs are disappearing and new skin is appearing that only slightly red and scared.

I can honestly say that I don’t know that I will ever wait things to heal on their own again if all I have to do is rub some sugar on it.  I have always been against doctors but I never knew that there were treatments that could be done so easily at home. Google your issue asking for the easy home remedy and you will receive something even better then what a doctor can give you.   Homeopathic remedies all the way!


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