Blood chilling day

We were driving on our motorbikes for about an hour when I saw the orange cones and cops littering the road ahead.  We had hit a police checkpoint and since we are white we were selected to have our licenses checked.

The cops pulled both Ben and myself over and asked for our licenses.  Neither of us have an international drivers license so the cops wrote us both tickets and told us to go pay our fine at the police station down the road and then come back for our licenses.

We had to backtrack about 15 minutes to get to the police station.  When we got to the police station, there was one cop sitting in a white tank top.  He was the most causally dressed cop on duty that I have ever seen. We handed him our tickets and $, he filled out our forms and sent us on our way.

We picked up our licenses and went to visit all of the temples without a hitch.  I was even getting pretty comfortable with driving the bike with a passenger on the back. As we were driving home my bike started shaking from the back end.  I could feel Vanessa moving around behind me and had no clue what was happening.

I looked in my mirrors only to see a guy grabbing at Vanessa. I thought he was trying to pull her off of the bike.  He was shaking her and the bike really hard causing me to nearly lose balance of the bike.  I didn’t know if he was going to let go until we either fell down or he got what he wanted.  I tried to think quickly about what I could do to get him to let go but I had no clue what to do.

I don’t what made the man let go or where he went off to but all of a sudden he wasn’t still attached to us.

I asked Vanessa what had happened and she told me that the man was trying to take her purse off of her and was pulling at her and the bike to try to get the purse.  I was horrified that someone would risk the lives of themselves and two other people just to rob someone of their purse.

Fearful that the man would return I kept a close eye on my mirrors the rest of the ride home, however I’m not sure what I would have been able to do to avoid it if I saw him again


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